A word from the founder

“After having taught in a range of secondary schools in England and abroad, I have noticed that the demand and need for private tuition is growing.

I have taken inspiration from my last job as a teacher and tutor at one of London’s top independent sixth form colleges, where the teaching is very personal and centred around the abilities of the individual student. With over 50% of students achieving A/A* for their A-levels, I have seen how the personal approach focused on the one student made a remarkable difference.

With class sizes growing, the pressure on teachers is increasing and the reduced time per student results in less homework, generalised teaching and less knowledge of the individual student’s abilities, personality and needs. This makes it very hard to achieve the students full potential.”

“This is where Quality Teach can make a difference; I want to be able to give every student that one to one time, that personal approach adapted to the individual students abilities, to make sure the student will have the best set of skills, confidence and knowledge to exceed their target and succeed in their exams. Importantly, all tuition will take place at our private tuition centre, which is designed to be a safe and professional environment to enhance the educational experience for all students.”

How we select our tutors

All the tutors we take on are interviewed face to face . We assess their qualifications, their experience, we check references and make sure our tutors have an up to date enhanced DBS check. Some of our tutors combine tuition with full-time or part-time teaching and some of our staff are full-time tutors.
We look for passionate tutors with expert subject knowledge and a range of experience with the different exam boards and exam techniques that come with it.

Why Choose Us?

Quality Teach has been founded and set up by Gonneke, who has been a teacher since the age of 19. Gonneke is someone who believes in the truly amazing ability of a good teacher being able to transfer knowledge to a student. Therefore we only work with qualified teachers! We know that the tutors that work with us are experts in their field and know how to provide quality tuition with the desirable effects our clients are looking for.

Gonneke likes to know everyone that comes through the door and so sits in every new client meeting and tutor interview. With her personal approach and her knowledge of selecting great tutors, we hope to show you we are the future of private tuition in Warwickshire.

In a nutshell;

  1. Initial meeting at the centre to discuss your needs
  2. Receive your welcome pack including your QT bag and ‘pink card’
  3. Attend your first tuition session (all tuition takes place in our professional centre)
  4. Review your first tuition session
  5. Work hard and see results!

More benefits of registering with QE;

  1. You receive a termly report about your progress
  2. You receive monthly updates about our growing and constantly improving centre
  3. You are the first to know and able to register for exam booster courses
  4. You get discounts on multiple subjects and/or sibling registration