One Year GCSE Courses!

Open to all home educated students in and around the Warwickshire area!

Complete your GCSE’s with us!

From September 2021 we will be running our GCSE courses which completes a GCSE curriculum in just 1 year!
These classes are taught by our qualified and experienced teachers, consisting of 2 hours a week of teaching in groups of maximum 8 students and includes tasks at home to complete.
The lessons will take place in our centre where we have access to all necessary equipment in our small classrooms.

The students will start their curriculum in the week commencing the 6th of September 2021.They will receive two lessons a week per GCSE subject.

In these lessons the teacher will spend time going over new skills and new material.
The students will receive tasks to complete at home on the days they have no lessons.

Parents will receive a weekly, short update from the teacher.

The Subjects we offer

We offer the following subjects in our GCSE’s;

Maths H/F (Edexcel)

English language (AQA)

Combined Science H/F (AQA)

Triple science (AQA);
Biology H/F
Chemistry H/F
Physics H/F

History (AQA)



We work with termly payments in advance through direct debit.
We will help you set this up in advance.

There is a one off sign up fee of £30.00 which will be added to your first invoice.

Autumn term; 06/09-17/12, 14 weeks
1st GCSE course £280 (£10 ph)
2nd GCSE course £252 (£9ph)
3rd GCSE course £224 (£8ph)

Spring term; 04/01-08/04, 13 weeks
1st course £260 (£10 ph)
2nd course £234 (£9 ph)
3rd course £208 (£8 ph)

Summer term (ongoing during Easter holidays and May half term); 11/04- depending on exam dates;
maximum 10 weeks (£200)
The last lesson will take place in the week of the last exam, latest being 17/06/22.


There are different exam centres spread throughout the country with different fees.

Naturally, it is up to you to decide where you would like to apply for your child to sit the exams.
We work together with Tutors and Exams in Coventry as this is the closest examination centre to us and they offer a discounted rate for our home educated students.
We will remind you of application dates and are happy to help with the application where necessary, but the exam can only be taken externally from Quality Teach.

Come and join our QT community!

If you have any questions about the courses or you would like to visit us before you make a decision please contact us to make an appointment.

But if we have convinced you and you would like us to help you on your GCSE journey, please sign up now for the course of your choice at the bottom of this page.

Contact Us for any questions you might have or to make an appointment

Refer a Friend!

As this is our first year running these GCSE courses we have kept the rates as low as possible.

But to earn a little extra discount;
Refer a friend!

For every *successful recommendation, you will receive £1 off every lesson!

So if you recommend 3 candidates you will pay as little as £5-7 per lesson!

*a successful recommendation is a student who signed up and has started the course.