GCSE Mock Exam Weekends


Location: In Centre Only

Duration: 2 hours and 15 minutes

Dates: Saturday 9th of March

Time and tutor:

English Language paper 1; 9-11am with Sarah 

papers available for Edexcel, AQA and Eduqas

Mathematics combination of paper 1,2 and 3; 11.30-1:30pm with Simon        

papers available for Edexcel, OCR and AQA both Foundation and Higher

English Literature paper 1; 2-4pm with Sarah

papers available for AQA only

Age: Aimed at year 11 students only

Price: £55.00 for an unmarked mock, £80 for a marked mock. TO BOOK PLEASE SCROLL DOWN.

DISCOUNTS; When you book all 3 unmarked mocks you will automatically receive a £15.00 discount at check out! Or, if you decide to book all 3 marked mocks you will automatically receive a £30.00 discount at check out! 

At Quality Teach we believe that mock exams are a fantastic way to analyse what topics for specific subjects need more work and which part of the content required you are confident in. It also helps students to familiarise themselves with the exam format, content, techniques and experience.

Mock exams are also incredibly beneficial to students who suffer from anxiety; we mimic the actual exam experience, although in a much smaller setting with around 8-10 other students, which can help build confidence!


The students will sit a full mock exam during their session consisting of unique paper made by qualified teachers for Quality Teach. The students will have never seen this content before.

All papers are around 2 hours long and will be examined under exam conditions. When students arrive they will start their mock after a brief introduction. If the students are finished with the paper before the time runs out they can wait outside the classroom in our waiting area until they get picked up/ are allowed to leave with permission of parent.

The mock exam results for marked mocks will then be communicated with the parents by the Sunday the following week by email with some constructive feedback. Parents are welcome to pick up the answer sheets once they have received the feedback.


Unmarked mocks are priced at £55.00 which means students can take the answer sheet home straight after the mock (this is not an answer sheet) which is a tool to just experience the mock only.

Marked mocks are priced at £80.00 which means students leave their answer sheet with us and receive full feedback including percentage, grade range, feedback to any wrong answered question and general feedback what to work on. This is the full mock experience.

When you book all 3 unmarked mocks you will automatically receive a £15.00 discount at check out! Or, if you decide to book all 3 marked mocks you will automatically receive a £30.00 discount at check out! 


The mock weekend will give your child’s tutor a much better idea of where your child is and what needs to be worked on in the next term leading up to the schools Mock/exam. If your child doesn’t work with a tutor it is still a very good tool to gain the knowledge of where your child is, where they should be and what they can do at home to improve when going for a marked mock.

All the above takes place under full exam conditions (timed, supervised, equipment, experience duration, etc.) under supervision of our very experienced teachers. The price includes the feedback to parents (and feedback to your child’s tutor if your child receives tuition with us).

Please note:

  • We are not able to give official predicted grades for University as we are an education centre, not an examination centre. 
  • The question papers will not be given out under any circumstances to any students or parents and will stay on the premises for use only within the centre.
  • Once booked your place on this mock weekend is non refundable.

Contact after signing up will take place over the email address provided at check-out, unless requested otherwise.

Any questions? Please don’t hesitate to contact us on info@qualityteach.co.uk.

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