English at Quality Teach

Are you looking for some help in English Language or Literature? We can support you!

We offer tuition for GCSE English Language and Literature and Literature at A-level. 


We support English students for all Examination Boards in both Language and the Literature at GCSE. We have a wealth of experience both teaching and examining these subjects.

We also support students with examination technique and offer guidance with regards to the specific assessment objectives that are at the core of these two GCSE subjects. 


We support students in Literature in both specific texts or in examination technique.

English is one of the core subjects in school. It is so vital because it underpins all the other subjects. It goes beyond simply enabling our children to express themselves clearly; it also allows them to recognise opinion, fact, bias and nuance. 

As a subject it prepares you for study up to and including university in a variety of subjects. A good grade at English GCSE level is a requirement for most A-level providers and also is highly valued in both vocational courses or any career that requires evaluation and the understanding! 

It consists of reading and writing in a variety of settings and styles both formal and informal and teaches our youngsters to write for a particular purpose or audience. 

The recent interruptions to the learning of all students has unfortunately meant that gaps may have been left and of course that can lead to a lack of confidence for students, particularly those who will be entered for public examinations. Tutoring provides an excellent opportunity to fill in those gaps and help reassure those youngsters whose confidence may have been dented.

Whether it is help with specific types of exam questions, guidance on or teaching of specific texts or simply help with how to revise content or general exam techniques. We are here to help you!

You can choose from 1-1 support or tuition in small groups of maximum 4 students. It depends on your needs and how you learn best! Some students only need only one hour a week with an English teacher, while some students might require greater help. In our registration meeting we will discuss all of this and we decide together what will be the best fit for you, your needs and your budget. To make an appointment, please fill in our contact form here.

We also run mock weekends, where you will sit 2 mocks in the subject of your choice with feedback from our teachers. You can book your spaces here.

And of course, we run our very popular Easter holiday courses where you can boost your knowledge and exam skills in any subject just before you sit your exams! You can book your spaces for Easter 2021 here.