History at Quality Teach

Are you looking for some help in History? We can support you!

We offer tuition for GCSE History and A Level History. 


We support GCSE History students by helping them to enhance exam skills, understand subject knowledge and work on combining the two.


We work with students in A-level History, guiding them through the changes from GCSE and supporting your analytical and evaluative thinking as well as understanding subject knowledge in preparation for your A-level exams.

History is a fascinating subject which can cover any time or place in the last thousand years or more. Studying History can unlock a way of thinking that will help you in a broad spectrum of careers in the future and is so important for our understanding of the way the world works today. Here at Quality Teach, we know that learning all of the historical background to support your understanding can feel overwhelming and that some of the core skills at the heart of History are not taught elsewhere in the curriculum so may feel difficult to master. So, we aim to help and support your knowledge and understanding and help you improve the skills you need to become a top-class historian through tailored tuition sessions.

You can choose from 1-1 support or tuition in small groups of maximum 4 students. It depends on your needs and how you learn best! In our registration meeting we will discuss all of this and we decide together what will be the best fit for you, your needs and your budget. To make an appointment, please fill in our contact form here.

We also run mock weekends, where you will sit 2 mocks in the subject of your choice with feedback from our teachers. You can book your spaces here.

And of course, we run our very popular Easter holiday courses where you can boost your knowledge and exam skills in any subject just before you sit your exams! You can book your spaces for Easter 2021 here.