Science at Quality Teach

What Quality Teach offers…


Triple Science: students study the three Sciences separately and are awarded 3 GCSEs. 

Double Science: students study all 3 subjects but with less content and are awarded 2 GCSEs.


We support students in A-level Biology, Chemistry and Physics.

For both GCSE and A-Level all exam boards are covered with guidance on the practical element of each course.

Are you looking for support in Biology, Chemistry or Physics? Or maybe you just need some extra guidance to achieve that top grade.  Quality Teach is here to support you. 

Science is a core subjects that prepares you for many career pathways after school. Whether it be a degree, an apprenticeship, vocational course or straight into the workplace, Science is a subject that will support and prepare you for any route.  

A combination of the Science Subjects is a requirement subject for many courses at university including, Sport Sciences, Medicine, Dentistry, Health Care, Engineering, Environmental Sciences and many more. 

Observing, evaluating, analysing are all key skills required to be a successful scientist. Anyone can think like a scientist. But sometimes you might need that little bit of help to understand the approach to complete a calculation, analysis a piece of data, respond to a specific exam question, how to revise content or general exam techniques to get where you need to be and that where Quality Teach can help. 

Quality Teach offers 1-1 support or tuition in small groups of maximum four students. We will meet with each individual student and their parents prior to starting tuition to discuss what the students needs are and how we can best facilitate them. Due to offering the 1-1 and group sessions we cater for everyone’s budget. To make an appointment, please fill in our contact form here.

In addition to tuition Quality Teach offers a range of other courses students can join. These include mock weekends where students gain specific and personalised feedback based on the errors they make in these exams.

We also offer Easter Holiday courses where students will boost their subject knowledge but more importantly their exam skills on answering application style questions just weeks before they sit their exam. You can book your spaces for Easter 2021 here.

Medicine candidates

Quality Teach offers specific guidance for medical students with the support of Doctor Rosie Vines. Dr Vines, a GP, will offer first-hand experience on how students can prepare themselves for their UCAS application, potential interview and what it entails to become part of the medical professions.

These dates will be published to book in due course.