Terms & Conditions

Definitions and Interpretation

Tuition Centre: A business owned by Gonneke Hazell, trading as Quality Teach Private Tuition
Client: The party requesting Tuition. This is assumed to be the individual who initially contacts Quality Teach or the student unless otherwise stated.
Lesson/session: A period of time during which the Tutor promises to engage in Tuition for the Client, for which the Client promises to pay the Tutor.
Lesson Fee: Amount charged for a Lesson made up of the Tuition Fee
Tuition: Any service supplied by a Tutor which has been requested by the Client.
Tuition Fee: Amount charged for Tuition during a lesson which is agreed at …. per hour for 1-2-1 tuition/ …. per hour for group tuition.
Tutor: The party offering Tuition for which payment is expected in return.

A. Lesson Cancellation

  1. The Client needs to cancel an arranged Lesson at least 24 hours prior to the start of the lesson. The client will have to contact the tutor by email and send a CC to info@qualityteach.co.uk.
    The student has a right to cancel ONE lesson per term, with a right to a full refund if notice is given at least 24 hours prior to the lesson. All cancellations following within the same term, are charged at a full rate. If the tutor finds a possibility to rearrange, the situation isn’t handled as a cancellation. Please be aware that it is difficult to rearrange a group session and there is limited availability on one to one desks and the group room due to other lessons, but we will do our best.
  2. If the client cancels the arranged lesson less than 24 hours before the Lesson is due to begin or doesn’t show up within 15 minutes after the scheduled start time, for a reason other than an accident or an emergency, then the Client shall be obliged to pay the full Lesson’s fee with no option to rearrange the missed time.
  3. If the Student plans to go away, eg a holiday, and as a result will miss an arranged Lesson, we expect the Client to give notice in advance to the tutor to be able to rearrange the session.
  4. If the Tutor cancels an arranged Lesson (due to sickness or in advance due to other commitments) theTutor will rearrange the missed Lesson to another day and time in agreement with the Student. If this is impossible the student will receive a full refund.

B. Late arrival

  1. If the Student arrives at the Premises for any Tuition Session later than its scheduled start time, we will not extend the length of it beyond its scheduled finishing time due to consecutive bookings with other students, unless we are able to adjust.
  2. The Tutor may treat a Tuition Session as cancelled if the Student arrives (or is not ready to start) more than 15 minutes after the scheduled start time of the Tuition Session or if the Student does not attend at all. In this case the Client shall be obliged to pay the full Lesson’s fee with no option to rearrange the missed time.

C. Termination notice period

  1. The Client’s agreement with Quality Teach is ongoing (this includes the full school year(s) running from September-July, including tuition during Autumn half-term, Spring half-term and the Easter holidays, but excluding Christmas holidays and the Summer holiday) until the end of year 6 for Primary pupils, or until the student’s GCSE or A-level exams. The Client is always entitled to terminate this agreement with notice period of 31 days before the start of the following term.

D. Payment

  1. After the initial meet up the parent will receive an email from us to set up and authorize direct debit payments to Quality Teach. An invoice will be sent termly to the agreed email address. The Client will be charged monthly, stated on the invoice on the 25th of the month before the tuition sessions take place. A one-off signing up fee will be included on the first invoice which is charged at £30.00.
  2. During the period of this Agreement, any additional Tuition Sessions may be booked as extra hours which will be added to the next payment due. Any refunds will be taken off from the following payment.

E. Personal information Data Protection

  1. In so far as administering, arranging, or providing Tuition Sessions involves Quality Teach in collecting, using, or holding or otherwise processing any data obtained from the Client which is personal data (including, but not limited to, the Student’s name and address), the Tuition centre shall only do so with the Client’s express consent and in accordance with any lawful instructions and the provisions of the Data Protection Legislation and the Client’s rights under that Data Protection Legislation and this Agreement.
  2. The Tuition centre may use the Client’s personal information as follows:
    – to administer or arrange Tuition Sessions for the Student and to offer or provide Tuition Sessions for the Student;
    – to process Your payment for Tuition Sessions

F. Miscellaneous

  1. Quality Teach reserves the right to request that a Tutor stops arranging Lessons with the Client at any time.
  2. The Client shall not engage the Tutor outside the tuition centre without the consent and knowledge of Quality Teach.
  3. In the interests of the Student’s well-being, the Client must inform Quality Teach before he/she attends any Tuition Session of any medical or other condition affecting the Student which might be or become relevant in relation to that Tuition Session.
  4. Whilst the Tuition centre will use our best endeavours to ensure that the Student makes satisfactory progress, results will differ from student to student depending on various factors, including, without limitation, number and frequency of Tuition Sessions, homework adequately attempted or completed by the Student, and the Student’s aptitude. Satisfactory progress cannot be guaranteed, and Quality Teach makes no warranty or representation that any particular result will be brought about (including passing any examination) as a result of the Student taking part in any Tuition Session(s). In particular, carrying out homework assignments as advised by the Tutor is a prerequisite of making satisfactory progress.
  5. If the Client bringsany personal belongings on to the Premises of Quality Teach, the Tuition centre does not undertake to keep them safe or provide any storage place for them. Their loss or damage will be at the Student’s own risk except where such loss or damage is due to any deliberate or negligent act by the Tutor or the Tuition centre. Quality Teach will not be responsible for any loss or damage to Client’s personal belongings caused by any other student, guest or visitor to the premises even where the Client leaves or stores them in any place at the premises that the Tutor suggest. Quality Teach therefore advise the Client not to bring any valuable belongings to the Premises.
  6. On request, the Client must disclose, to Quality Teach, details of each Lesson given by the Tutor.